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Important Update.
We have received more emails in the past several weeks than usual, and we would like to thank you for your inquiries.
We have been working very hard behind the scenes.

We have worked up all of the desired changes to the Freeman Florentine, we're very happy with them, and we have started building.
As such, the Florentine will continue to be available, and I expect to have several available a few months from now.

Regarding the price, I have been trying hard to keep the price of Version Two down. Although building each Florentine is like building a custom handmade guitar, I keep looking for economies of scale to help us to be as affordable as possible.

I have also been looking at bringing the Florentine into mainstream retail sales, so that we would be in stores and on the retail websites.
I think that with in-stock availability and with an accessible price, we would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all of the great guitars.

Thank you for your support. Please contact us at any time. It has been so motivating to hear all of your well-wishes.
Thank you, Perry

Perry Freeman Florentine Guitar

The Freeman Florentine is a semi-hollowbody electric guitar with great looks, great sound, and a great feel.

The Design. The design of the Freeman Florentine is asymmetrical, but visually-balanced. While the curve between the pickguard point and the bowed point is round, the curve around the body is slightly flatter and leans toward the middle bout. This gives the Florentine the appearance of being in motion, even when it's not moving at all. This shape as a whole draws the eye into the elegant Florentine scroll, which gently turns inward and then unwinds, inviting the viewer to follow the contour once again.

The Finish. The Florentine's finish is traditional nitrocellulose lacquer in a sunburst called Amberburst. The sides are a deep burgundy color, and are bordered by white binding. On the front and back, the color transitions to antique red, before a smooth fade into the rich amber finish.

The Soundholes. The f-shaped soundholes are both beautiful and functional, as they impart a graceful appearance to the Florentine, and as their chambers impart the acoustic nature of the semi-hollowbody design. The upper chamber is long and tapered so that it approaches the Florentine scroll. The lower chamber is separated from the wiring and potentiometers with a smooth, closed shape, so that the chamber is correct both sonically and aesthetically.

The Wood Species and Electronics. The Freeman Florentine has an alder body, maple top, maple set-neck, and a rosewood fretboard. This selection combines the wide frequency range of alder, the brightness and high-end of maple, and the warmth of rosewood. The Florentine comes equipped with high-quality components throughout, including Alnico V humbuckers for their warm classic sound, whether played in clear tones or played for a bit more attack. This combination of wood species and electronics helps the player to accomplish a wide array of tones, such as blues, rock, country, and jazz.

The Headstock. The Florentine's angled headstock has an elegant shape that stands-alone in its good looks. At the same time, its simplicity complements and doesn't detract from the highly-stylized body of the Florentine. The balanced headstock shape also adds more resonance to the guitar overall. The keystone headstock tuners deliver the high-quality of the other Florentine components; the tuners are cast, sealed, and have a 16:1 ratio for smooth and precise tuning.

The Body and Neck Profiles. The Freeman Florentine is built with craftsmanship, resulting in a guitar that's exciting to own and play. The bevel of the body is accurately shaped, while the flatness of the front and back is accurately maintained, for a body profile that rests closely against the player's body. The angled and bound neck has a 24-3/4" scale length with a 12" radius for smooth playing. These body and neck profiles, the wood species and electronics selected, and the beautiful design and sunburst finish make the Freeman Florentine a semi-hollowbody electric guitar with great looks, great sound, and a great feel.

Perry Freeman Florentine Guitar

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